Grand confort Comfort

Our hotel classification

2/5 : Mostly for our small group travelers. Simple, modest, yet clean. This category also includes nights spent camping, in shelters, or bivouacs. For our tailor-made trips, our minimum is 3/5.

3/5 : This type of accommodation is friendly, charming, authentic, well maintained, and feels like a home away from home. Without any showy luxury, these simple lodgings have both personality and charm. We stay in B&Bs, riads, posadas, lodges, maybe one or two nights in a tent, and in small local hotels.

4/5 : Here we maintain the same approach geared towards a friendly and charming accommodation, but with a little more. A pool in the riad in Morocco, a wine cellar in a B&B in South Africa, a welcome cocktail waiting for you in your room at an Amazonian lodge, etc. This is superior accommodation.

5/5 : This category includes accommodation for those with a little bit more to spend. Even if we are talking 5-star here, remember that Uniktour specializes in "exotic" travel, and that we are not very fond of cement! We might send you to a Marriot or a Meridien when you arrive in a big city, but as soon as you leave, we are heading for a 5-star camp in the middle of the bush in Tanzania, or in a 5-star boutique hotel in an Indian tea plantation! In any event: we always pick the best places!

VIP : A collection of the best hotels in the country you are visiting. A trip where the accommodation cannot possibly get any better. A historic hotel, a world-renowned spa, wherever you're staying, you are in one of the world's best.