French Polynesia


Tahiti: two volcanos in an emerald sea.

The largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti is a destination in its own right, offering a wide variety of leisure and cultural activities and lots of entertainment options. Let us give you a tour of this unique island…

Though Tahiti Nui (“big Tatiti”) offers many activities (diving, of course, but also 4x4 safaris, golf in Mataiea, canyoning in Hitiaa, surfing in Papenoo, sea kayaking), its little sister, Tahiti Iti, is surrounded by an aura of treasure and legend. These hidden treasures are yours to discover as you follow the narrow trails between the sea and the mape (Polynesian chestnuts), diving into the shadows towards the petroglyphs of Vaiote and the drums of the god Hono Ura.

Much more than a mere stepping stone on the way to the fabulous neighbouring islands, Tahiti’s capital, Papeete, is filed with life: a colorful market, many museums, an effervescent nightlife, and interesting cultural activities including the Heiva festival will allow travelers to discover new and fascinating chants, coulours, smells, and traditions. If you’re looking for a night out in Polynesia, Tahiti is the place to go: the bars and nightclubs are open nightly (later on weekends)! Before a night out, discover new and diversified cuisine at one of the many restaurants: there’s no shortage of choice!

Most larger hotels offer two dining options: fast food and gourmet dining. They also organize more elaborate evenings including generous buffets and entertainment, often with performances by some of the best local dance troupes. Also unique to Tahiti are the roulotte restaurants (mobile food stalls) that set up on Vaiete Square after sunset, offering simple and quick meals at affordable prices. On top of the usual grilled goodies, options include Chinese food, pizza, and pancackes.

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