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When we think of Peru, our thoughts immediately go to Machu Picchu, an incredible fortified town that was just recently declared one of the new wonders of the world. But when we take a closer look, this 10000-year-old country’s impressive heritage reveals itself: more than the land of the mighty Inca Empire, it is also the birthplace of ancient civilizations. These civilizations

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Southern Peru, Inca Trail, and Amazon Rainforest

Semi-private adventure travel in Peru  - The Inca Trail is the most trekked road in Peru and is certainly one of the continent’s most spectacular routes. It is formed by a network of paths totaling more than 23,000 kms, all built by  the Incas. Every year, we guide numerous individual travelers in Peru (with private local guides or in international groups) on the “Inca T (Read more ...)

Around the world by private jet

Luxury trip around the world in a private jet  - Looking for a completely unique travel experience? How about a luxury trip around the world in a private jet! It simply doesn’t get any better than this! With this itinerary, you have the opportunity to make your dreams into reality. Indeed, the world’s most fabulous sites are right at your fingertips on this exceptional journe (Read more ...)

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