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Our Favorite Trips : Russia

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Our Trips Russia

Luxury cruise from Moscow to St-Petersburg

Luxury cruise in Russia  - Vashe zdorovie ! Your cruise will certainly begin with these words for a surreal journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Board on a luxury ship in line with the proverbial Russian hospitality, and enjoy these few days of relaxation and discovery. The cruise will lead you to historic monuments that have shaped the Russian nation, such as the bulb-capped monasteri (Read more ...)

Eternal Russia : Moscow & St-Petersburg

Guided tour in Russia - Guaranteed departures from 2 participants- Here is a journey that takes you to the essence of Russia : from Moscow to St. Petersburg, two cities, two unforgettable faces of an eternal soul.Right away, we are struck by the power that Moscow brings out. For centuries a symbol of the Russian spirit, the capital houses many treasures crowned with bulbs or solemn walls. The (Read more ...)

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