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Find out where you can get up close and personal to nature's spectacle in Australia. It's not hard in a country that holds 550 national parks and 15 World Heritage- listed wonders. You'll see snow-capped mountains and salt-encrusted lakes, rolling countryside and turquoise sea. Find strange creatures, colourful birds and vibrant fish. This is a country where boundaries blur - ancient

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Each travel consultant is specialized in the country or geographical area for which he is responsible for.


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Around the world by private jet

Luxury trip around the world in a private jet  - Looking for a completely unique travel experience? How about a luxury trip around the world in a private jet! It simply doesn’t get any better than this! With this itinerary, you have the opportunity to make your dreams into reality. Indeed, the world’s most fabulous sites are right at your fingertips on this exceptional journe (Read more ...)

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