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Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora

Customized trip to French Polynesia The perfect trip for those wishing to enjoy Polynesia on limited time. A 10-night program spread across the islands of Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora.Moorea is just 17 kms from Tahiti. Many visitors claim that the aerial view of Moorea’s spectacular bays alone justifies the cost of the plane ticket... The volcanic peaks of the island are reflected in th (Read more ...)

Highlights of French Polynesia

Customized luxury trip to Tahiti, French Polynesia  - Hotels, vacations, honeymoons, scuba diving trips, customized travel, luxury trips…we offer you a customized dream vacation in Tahiti, based on your budget and preferences. This customized luxury trip to Tahiti includes all top tourist destinations in French Polynesia – what better way to enjoy paradise? Tahiti and Moore (Read more ...)

Honeymoon in Polynesia

Honeymoon - customized travel to French Polynesia  - Honeymoons in French Polynesia are a tradition, and the serenity and natural beauty of the islands offer an unforgettably romantic and sensual backdrop! The untamed beauty of the islands, the gradient turquoise lagoons make French Polynesia the ideal destination for a passion-filled honeymoon where, following a night in a bungalow on s (Read more ...)

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